Time to Hunt, Fellas

Bright Minds, Freshmen

Wimps, Newbies

A loud welcome from my side, adding on to the pile of waning welcomes which have been blaring in your ears and minds for enough time already.

Well, with the usual exchange of conversational pleasantries and sallies, ‘How ya’ doing folks?’ , ‘Wassup buds?’ and the most common, ‘How has your stay at IITH been until now been?’. Lemme ask you a more serious question.

‘How are you spending your time here?’

Didn’t sound serious at all? AT ALL?!

Well it was meant to be one. The reason why I asked this question is to find if you have found any passion yet. Hmm, I know it’s a little too early to ask, but you see, I am just too excited to see you guys getting passionate and romping around this place with that undaunted enthusiasm and zeal in every word you speak. It is exciting, the journey in hunting your passion (and hence the title!) but the more thrilling part is the journey you take to realize it.

Sounds very profound and grim, huh? Easy fellas, for you, let’s take a less sombre route to my point.

There is a lot of time and opportunity out here. When I say a lot, It IS a lot. Opportunity? Yeah. Both to prove yourself and learn. Well, you have a club for everything you can possibly imagine. Robotics? Music? Coding? Arts? Astronomy? Dance? Name it and we have it. You know what? For some people out there seeking the hallowed halls of heaven and alike, we have a Spiritual and Vedic Science Club, debating on topics like purpose of life and similar puzzles of this mortal life. Deep, don’t you think? Now, Sports, Yes. I am not of any opinion that that’s the best you could get anywhere else, there is a lot of scope there too, with all the NSO’s , Inter IIT and the leagues. There are people here who don’t leave the playground unattacked for even a single day. We have even given marathon runners a tough time in our 3K race competiton. Academics? C’mon! We are in an IIT!  Another leak, we have students interning in research projects right from first year. The best part is that they are paid (atleast for their food and stay!) .There are people who have written their first research paper in the end of their first semester itself.

You see it now? There IS a LOT of opportunity out there. And time? Just see beyond the all night Counter-Striking sessions, everlasting sit-coms and T.V soaps (GOT, The Big Bang Theory and alike). You will find plenty of time lurking in there.

So, you realize it right? You realize that there is so much of time and opportunity there! So why waste anymore of both of them now?! I am really excited for you guys to find your passion and work towards it. So is every senior of yours. We all want to see IIT-H grow. And that can happen only if everyone works for their dreams- with a lot of passion and zeal. And caution! Do NOT neglect your studies and health in your journey. After all, you are here to study and you have to live to see yourself successful, Right?

You have 4 years of experimentable, extremely exciting and rewarding time.  Start the journey, Seek your passion, and get yourself engaged in the magical journey of achieveing your dreams!

As put nicely by my co-wordsmith, Ganesh Mahidar,



May the stars watch over your backs! (#Eragon, remember?)

-Manish Chandra Reddy


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