The “IITHian”- An Alumnus Article

Hello everyone!


It’d been a long time since I laptopped down to write an article or a blog. For those who are interested in dwelling my past accomplishments, here is the link (Statutory warning! no mockery please).


Coming to the title of this article, after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) I felt very happy and honored to be recognized as the alumnus of IITH in the industry, academia and society. People used to go gaga over the mere mention of the name of my college (I accept that the ‘gaga’ness is because of (0.9)*IIT + (0.1)*H, but I bet that in the near future the coefficients are going to change, drastically!). Here is an article describing about different phases of my life during IITH and post IITH, thus justification of the title.


After the convocation ceremony, I visited IITH for the first time in november, 2013. I felt like Chiranjeevi in Indra, who returned to his hometown after so many years, and wanted to kiss the ground….but naah you don’t want to do that on our ODF land. At first it felt weird to be called as an alumnus of the very own institution, where I spent 4 years of an important phase of my life. Getting up early in the morning, running after the professors, late night assignments, exams, bland mess food, IPL fun, sports, danzen nights, quizzes and so on were the ingredients of it. I made so many friends {remember my facebook post on friendship day, “A friend is not a topping on the ice cream, he is the ice cream”. Wah wah! But still it got only few likes contrary to girl’s profile pic or famous “Idly thintunnanu” post}, learnt so many things, developed important skills and blah blah blah (too much routine stuff eh?? Okay rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise).


After IITH, I joined Qualcomm, Hyderabad as an associate engineer. Life became more organised and I developed a lot of technical and professional skills. Though I joined industry, I was in regular touch with my friends through whatsapp, facebook and google hangout. We used to go to movies every weekend, went to meet my friends in Bengaluru, attended friend’s sibling’s marriages and again blah blah blah blah blah. Past one year at Qualcomm was amazing! (Dude, this is getting boring, over? Roger that. Rotate 90 more degrees counter clockwise).


I’ve joined Rice university this fall in electrical and computer engineering group to pursue masters. This is the most important phase of my life as I’ve crossed many oceans (Kidding, only one ocean – Atlantic) to pursue my higher education. Houston city is an awesome place with lots of music concerts and football (Dei, american football da!) matches happening all the year round. And there are lots of Indian communities, restaurants and stores to add to my ecstasy. Apart from all these I am very much happy and excited as I am a student again. [Okay good! rotate 180 more degrees counter clockwise. Yes! it is 180 as I do not have enough content to write beyond this.


As I covered complete 360 degrees, I will end this with my own quote summarizing this article,

“Life after IITH is like a roller coaster ride. Except that it has more twists and turns and less cars.” 

P.S. To all my juniors at IITH, enjoy your stay in the college while it lasts!

-Gattu Vinay


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