From the heart of Lit Soc

He looks down into the crowd and sees expectant faces staring back at him. He squares his shoulders and adjusts his voice to reach out to those bunch of people who have come down to crack what he has to offer them. But wait, that’s not all. More people start filing into the hall, an unexpected number even. You wonder if they’re all here to participate. Only for the slightest moment- has there been a mistake? A misunderstanding, perhaps? But no, they’re all here to quiz. Of course. A grin breaks across his face. Unexpectedly true, honest. Unabashed. His smile falters a little, as a shadow of doubt emerges- Will he be able to meet their expectations? He had done it before. And he shall do it again. He is the Literary Society. They are the Literary Society. We are the Literary Society.

From a fledgling body of five who had pooled our ideas together over the summer and wracked our brains to make worthwhile quizzes even before the college reopened, we’re eighteen today (of age :P), and growing. From a point where the bodies existed for the sake of existing, where activities were only once in a month events, where only a bunch of interested geeks showed up, we have today a mind boggling participation for every quiz, and for our first JAM too. But then, we do not boast, we do not pat ourselves on the back and say, good work indeed. No. Because this is just the beginning of a phase. A phase where a culture shall be built. A phase every fledgling institute and organization goes through before it becomes a giant. We’re having our adolescent growth spurt. And as every adolescent growth spurt is, it is confusing, mind numbing and exhilarating. And you’re what is fueling us. You’re the things that we crave as we grow up. You’re our first fumbling touches, hasty caresses and inexperienced kisses. You’re also the beginnings of our first love, that warming feeling in our hearts that wants to do anything to please you, to please those who’ve come to take part, to be a part.

And we shall make sure that this love we harbor is not mere attraction, it is the beginning of a long standing relationship that shall keep holding up until the institute stays. A baton that shall be passed through the ages, or at least so we hope. We’ve been the talk of the campus, the word that’s been buzzing in the corridors and the quadrangles. We’re on fire, they say. Well, if this is fire, then we shall be a raging inferno before we’re done here. Thank you all, for being there. We hope you’ve had fun. And if you didn’t, come back. We shall make sure you have fun the next time. And if you did, spread the word. The love is not limited. Keep it coming.

-Ganesh Mahidhar


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