Editor’s Note #2

And we meet again

It’s been two months since college started, and here we are, back again, to give you a read on how campus life is faring at IIT Hyderabad. Over the past two months, we’ve been giddy with exhilaration over the response that the Literary Society has been getting. And we thank all of you for that. This issue is titled, For Your Eyes Only, not only after the famous James Bond movie, but also because this is what it actually is, for every IITHian’s eyes only. This is the fortnight when the freshmen have had their first DJ night, have coped with assignments, hectic schedules and are getting used to IITH in every sense of the word , making them as much a part of the family as we all are. And in this issue, we try to do exactly that, pick up stereotypes that exist on the campus that wouldn’t probably exist anywhere else.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as you did the last one. It’s been a bumpy, but amazing ride. Keep the love coming.

The Team

Nagarjun Srinivasan

Teesta Dasgupta

Sneha Reddy

Arasu Arun

Arjun D’Cunha

Ganesh Mahidhar

Anindita Ghosh

Arun Balajie


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