Another stereotype, Glorified

Disclaimer : The following views are strictly through the sharp and unforgiving eyes of an electrical student. To be politically correct, in all generality of the term – A third year Electrical student.

I’m very much aware of the general tone I use in my modus operandi. It’s not completely my fault though. The two years of terrifying and torturous workloads was probably more than enough to gift me with this tone of scrutiny and also the uncanny ability to insert this very tone into almost every conversation.

By the way – to all my over judgemental and fierce readers out there. I do not mean any hate towards the Electrical department. These are just my “personal opinions” and co-incidentally the majority of the batch’s “personal opinions”. I really hope you get my really (stress on the really) heavy sarcasm.

Anyways, without any further ado, here is a satirical narrative on how a day goes by IITH. Please bear and follow with all the sarcasm used

  1. While the world sleeps peacefully, escaping the cold mornings, our hardworking and enthusiastic – and mind you I’m using both adjectives solely for the sake of diplomacy – electrical batch wake up for an (Caution – heavy sarcasm ahead) interesting and wonderful day of classes.
  2. This is point number two! I believe the point speaks for itself. C’mon don’t laugh everyone undergoes their “routines” in the morning. I shall skip this point to avoid obscenity in this narrative.
  3. Ah! here comes breakfast – probably the only meal we may ever have (if we are lucky) in the day. The exclamation was only for having breakfast, not enjoying it. To be honest, Half of the time I don’t even know what I’m eating. My binary knowledge about the situation can be summed up as shown in the flowchart below and as you can see the end result is inevitable
    : p
  4. Finally in class now! We can live the rest of the day in peace, right? WRONG! BAM! out of no where someone speaks of an assignment thats due in the evening. You know what that means? Yep! you guessed it – No Lunch for you my friend.
    By the way, just before you draw conclusions. the assignment due in the evening, it’s the one you missed out. You’ve slogged the day before doing the other three. How were you supposed to know? Everyone slips
  5. Well the gruelling day from 8:30am to 5:30pm is over. Now you can go back and rest (and by rest I obviously mean study and do more assignments ‘coz we just LOVE assignments). Tch-tch wrong again. What now you ask? Extra Class!!
  6. I would reveal what happens after extra class but I don’t want anyone to lose hope. Let’s all just believe that after extra class the world is wonderful and we have restes and sleepes and foodes and…… (the latter half of the previous sentence should be read with the excitement of Smeagol aka Gollum from LOTR)

Well folks, thats the day of the average 3rd year elec student. Monotone it may seem, but a wise man once told me – “However boring something may seem afar, that interesting it would be when you delve into it”. We love our lives. This satire of monotone and traumatising workload is what keeps us alive. The unity I’ve seen my batch achieve through this common pain is uncanny. We work as one – We love each other. Someone in my batch once said “No Resistance can Drop our Potential” – I just understood what it meant then but now I feel what it means. We are always there for each other and will always be. A day in Electrical Never Ends.

“Change is the only Constant” – by a very well known Wise Bearded man.

-Nagarjun Srinivasan


2 thoughts on “Another stereotype, Glorified

  1. Interesting read! After all, what EE guy is know to eat “breakfast” (if that’s even a real thing)? We love our hectic schedule too. The thrill of staying up all night gaming knowing we wont wake up early enough to attend any class the next day is lost otherwise. A healthy bunked to attended classes ratio is important to be both happy during and without remorse after college. “Only after abandoning the ideal of a perfect student can an EE student be truly happy” – Buddha. Bashing CS students as a pastime is left out; very essential feel good mechanism.
    PS: Requesting an article on IITH “lingo” and etymology. Haha


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