A g33k writes here

If you’re one of those many, who step into these sacred realms after solving millions of complicated and abstruse math, physics and chemistry and do not have any idea of what you’re doing, then you, comrade, are committing the gravest sacrilege. For this land is solely kept alive by a power beyond your comprehension and control. Here, programs might run into segmentation faults and circuits go haywire even before you theorize what is going wrong. This land is run and ruled by us geeks who can and will do anything when it comes to programming, complicated circuitry, building engines and well, pretty much anything that you use.

Converting caffeine to code, sweat and blood into a race car, digitaligence and imagination into programmed bots and an observant eye into those criss-crossing wires running stuff on breadboards, we are the ones that make an IIT what it is. You might know to ride a bike or a car, but it’s us who see its heart of pistons pumping blood and fuel as you twist the throttle. You might know how to use a camera, but we see a microprocessor, element by element, cell by cell– we know how we control them. That smart-phone that you use baffles you. Ha, to our X-Ray vision it is just as simple as plain day. Do not underestimate this understanding my friend, it is but an art in itself.

You might be theorising some abstruse, vague theorem and working on it for months and days, making it a principle, by when we would have already applied it somewhere (of which you would have no idea of)- in the end aiding you in understanding it better . Even before you catch up to our understanding, rest assured, we will be miles ahead! But fear not comrade, your infirmity is but curable. Your understanding and curiosity have been suppressed by the education system, like it does to many. Come join the tech culture, indulge, and explore- you’ll find the paradise that is IIT- where you mature into a thought process which in itself amazes you, where like-minded people come together and do kickass stuff, where theories alone will never work but the means to achieve will and where people like you, will eventually turn into winners- cliché, but that’s the point.


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