From the Editor’s Desk


A fortnight into the semester, after all the hectic hassles of introductions, orientations and endless assignments, that you think you cannot cope up with, you settle down. Just a little. This is when you start foraying into the wilderness that is IIT Hyderabad. Just a little, maybe. But you need to learn the ways of the wild before you start swinging the ropes. That’s what this magazine is here to do. Teach you the ropes, even if its only a little. We’re here to help you make believe that this college, which seems a little of a pressure cooker, a little of a playground, and a little more of a realm of insomniacs is a body by itself. Its a live body thrumming with the life blood that is the potential of the students who’re here.

For the seniors, it is time that you remembered how you were, being a fresher. Its time that we made you feel nostalgic, lament the years that you’ve spent, the lack of years that you’ll be spending here. For anyone else, it could be a nothing more than a fun read on a rainy day. To the campus that has been our life and soul for the variable amount of years that we’ve spent here. To another fun filled, exciting year. To life as a whole, and the madness that encompasses it. To everything else in the universe, this is dedicated. Adios. We’ll see you soon. Again.


The Editor’s Desk

The Team

Ganesh Mahidhar

Nagarjun Srinivasan

Arish Ojaswi

Contributing Fresher Author

Sneha Reddy


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