1. Before anything else, you should know that your CGPA is damn important. And by damn important, I mean damn important. More than you can probably fathom right now. They tell you that it is equally essential to have good extracurriculars. They lie. Your CGPA is THE most important factor in steering your life at IIT and beyond.

2. To those few (almost everyone, actually) who aspire to get a branch change, I say this. You get only one shot at it. Just one shot; your first semester. Don’t waste it. You might regret it forever.

3. At the end of your first year (it’s actually much closer than the galaxy far, far away it might seem like), you’ll have JENESYS, and other student exchange programs. A few lucky ones among you will get to visit places abroad. Now, everyone wants to go abroad. So how do they select students? You’re right. Your first semester grades.

4. If you’ve come to IIT with a plan to enjoy life without a worry in the world, your plan won’t last longer than a year. It’s a horrible plan, by the way. You will inevitably start working to repair your grades. Your first year accounts for nearly a third of your credits, which makes it more important than your subsequent three years. If you’re hell bent on screwing up a year, reserve it for later.

Lastly, always remember your purpose in life. Without purpose, existence is meaningless. What is your purpose in this college? I wish you the very best for your future.

-Arish Ojaswi


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