WARNING: Super Ultra Awesome Rant Ahead. Much References. Many Swag.

Procrastinators Unite! Well, this article, I can’t believe I’m writing this. This magazine would probably not have materialized too, what with the procrastination all of us do. The heady smell of fresh cut grass, new parchment, spearmint toothpaste and Ron Weasley’s hair. Yes, Amortentia. Granger’s. Mine differ. Well, not so much the last one, but new parchment, definitely. I’m a book sniffer. We all are. Nothing gets us like the smell of a new book, the feel of pages under your skin, and the smell of fresh ink on a new page. Well, almost nothing. All of us are unique, so we have our own exceptions.

Anyway, I digress. So besides the whole gobbledygook discussions that only other book sniffers can understand (I refuse to be called a bookworm, so NOT COOL), we do a bunch of other stuff. We procrastinate, yes, but inspiration does strike the unprepared. Inspiration is also never forced, and what we do become a bunch of randomly awesome occurrences that make us some of the coolest IITians in existence. I have a treatise on existence, based on a webcomic, but that’s beside the point. Though we may be birds of the same feather, looking to adopt some worthy young hatchlings, only the best of the best, no doubt, we are also an assorted variety of birds. Our love for books, flibbertigibbet and knowledge is what unites us, while what divides us is the preferential order of our love for these. We are also very good orators, for Shakespeare was actually the one who possessed Brutus’ oratory skills. That should make sense because Shakespeare was Brutus himself or Antony even, in a sense of the word. And words are words, whether they be written or spoken, or even, sang. And our love for words knows no boundaries. The musical lilt of different tongues of the spoken word, the twist of a sentence that adds mystery, the adrenaline rush on cracking those little mysteries that are spun to trick the mind, and the knowledge geek who only seeks questions, so he can find out answers, are what attracts us towards what we do.

So if you have followed so far what has been said, and still appreciate the mindless rant that has been written so far, you may be welcome to the club. Or not. For procrastinators extraordinaire, we all are. So, coming back, if you do follow, you should probably hear us out. Come to where we meet. Find out. Probably even quiz. Or just flibbertigibbet. Anyway, thank you for listening to these thoughts of mine. They may be worth it, or not. Welcome to the Literary Society. Oh, and by the way, may you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year ahead.

Ganesh Mahidhar


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